Name: alberto missoni

 Email: Email

a wonderful and beautiful place to stay for life and holiday

 Name: Judith Rosemond

 Email: Email

Princess of Naxos hotel excellent would highly recommend - loved Naxos very relaxing and interesting would hope to revist soon this was our second port of call on our island hopping holiday we were not disappointed so much to do

 Name: Maria Antonia

 Email: Email

The best holidays I had in years, the islands is beautiful, the people is adorable and the weather is nice. Hope to go back next year!!

 Name: Goran Falting

 Email: Email

Looking forward to visit for the first time :) See you on saturday!

 Name: neil woodward

 Email: Email

I`ve been to lots of Greek Islands but I always end up back in Naxos. I recommend Katerina Roza Studios. Clean, cheap & very friendly! 12th time this year!

 Name: Hinerk

 Email: Email


who rememberd at "Saloon". The name of the greek was Costas?
Thanks for help,


 Name: Babette Wiesenack

 Email: Email

Hilfe, ich suche auf Naxos meine Freundin Kerstin Barnick, sie ist verheiratet mit Georgios Kontopidis. Ich glaube sie müsste mehr im Landes inneren leben. Kann mir jemand weiter helfen???

 Name: Irene Probonas

 Email: Email

I love Naxos!!!! the people, the beaches, the churches and the scenery!!! exquisite!

 Name: Barcelona Nest Hostel

 Email: Email

Great plece! Love to come back soon! Come and stay with us at Barcelona Nest Hostels!!

 Name: Alan Stewart

 Email: Email

Does anyone know if there are ferries between Naxos and Sifnos in September (Tuesdays)

 Name: Rodney

 Email: Email

Once Paros (Naoussa) was my favourite Greek destination until I
discovered that Naxos town`s promenade along the seafront had been improved. Now Naxos, with its charming Chora (and no lager louts), the mountains, the villages and the absolutely beautiful beaches with very few people, its friendly inhabitants and no hassle is certainly my favourite holiday place. Will be back again 2010 !

 Name: Vicky Rowan

 Email: Email

this is only the second time in about 10 yrs that i have missed visiting Naxos since my friend Kay and I discovered it.I will be back next year with a 3 yr old Sofia and Kay I hope to see all our favourite places and people. It has a magical pull and I think of it often despite visiting many wonderful places in the world Naxos is tops. Hello to all in Agios Prokopious especially Stavros in Anna`s bar and Yannis in Colloseus - my favourite haunts.....see you soon Naxos x

 Name: Keylin Dybvik

 Email: Email

We will visit Naxos for the first time in september this year.
I just wonder if someone can recommend some good restaurants there. We will live in Agia Anna, but of course we would like to see as much as possible of the island.
We prefer autentic greek food for a reasonable price.
In advance, thank you for helping.

Keya - Norway

 Name: Jayne Brooks

 Email: Email

Have visited Naxos 5 times in last 16 years and now can`t get there through normal package holiday channels as Kosmar folded last year and any other way seems prohibitively costly. I am so disappointed that this happened as I love the island and all the people are always so friendly and rightly proud of their Island.Here`s to another travel company finding what a gem Naxos is!!!!

 Name: heidoula

 Email: Email

soul sun sea...need nothing more
EXCEPT email address for Captain`s Cafe to send sweet photos of sweeter boys.

 Name: Anna Olandersson

 Email: Email

We went to Naxos in -95, and fell in love with the people, the beaches, the wiews and the atmosphere.
Now,2009, we are going to return to this wonderful island, some years older, with two children and partly other eyes..
But im longing to get back!! Only a few weeks left.....

 Name: Bill Petros

 Email: Email

Naxos...I will be coming to see you in August. I love you!!!

 Name: Eleni katziyannis

 Email: Email

I am greek live in Athens. I go to Naxos. Very fun with beautiful water. I drive around Naxos short fun. My advice is to go into mountains and get a taste of them.

 Name: millie

 Email: Email

i love this place really want to live there!! one day my dreams will come true!!!!!! has anyone found a naxos eye??? i have loads at home i collected them as a memory of this beautiful island!!

 Name: millie

 Email: Email

my favourite place :)

 Name: Tim Soro

 Email: Email

My wife and I visited Naxos for the first time in September 2007. We are going back this September and can`t wait to arrive. She has a cousin who owns a home near Agi Anna where we stay and enjoy all of Naxos and island hop as well. The food and people are great and I look forward to enjoying them both again. Look out Naxos here we come.
Memphis, Tennessee, USA

 Name: rachel jeffery

 Email: Email

I came to the island in 1996 just after my then boyfriend asked me in athens to marry him.we named our first daughter ariadne after the islands ariadne.she is now 9 and i sometimes tell her about beautiful naxos and would love to visit again with my husband and 3 girls.Ariadne would love to see where her name came from.hope to come back soon. Rachel,Wales.

 Name: Dave & Elsie Guest

 Email: Email

Naxos never looses its appeal, a beautiful island that has something for everyone. If you want food at its finest, visit the can be sure of a warm welcome at the Taverna Vassilis. This family run taverna serves high quality, very reasonably priced food. There is no better way to end the day than having a meal at Vassilis.

 Name: Catherine Saliba

 Email: Email

Naxos is a great island - will be back for sure. I really enjoyed myself.

 Name: Ivan

 Email: Email

I`m very interesting vesit Naxos with my dougther.

Is it any entertainment on Naxos for child, like aqua land and so on ?

Is weather windy at Jul/Aug ?

Kind Regards

 Name: melville hinson

 Email: Email

my wife&i,pauline,have been to naxos about 10 times in the last 23 years as well as about 45 other islands.we are going back again this year & looking for somewher to stay for 12 months,we always stay at anna studios in naxos town cant wait to get there!

 Name: Kelly Davy

 Email: Email

Naxos is a BEAUTIFUL island. Take the time to stay on your next trip to Greece!

 Name: At0m

 Email: Email

Intezivno pratim ovaj sajt vec duze vreme (oko 1 godine) pogotovo webcam. mislim da je ovo pravi potez kako dozvati turiste, potrudicu se da prvom prilikom s porodicom dodjem na Naxos.

Serbia, Belgrade, at0m

 Name: Rie Stawitzki

 Email: Email

July 2008 my boyfriend and I are going to Naxos. This is my 5. time in Hora and my boyfriends 1 time. Cant wait to show him the beautyfull beaches, lovely restaurants and friendly people.
Naxos will always have a special place in my heart.


 Name: Maya Roselip

 Email: Email

My girlfriend, Stephanie, and I vacationed in Naxos for about 5 days and 4 nights in early October 2007. We had a wonderful time! It was my 3rd time to Greece. Although I like the touristy places like Santorini as well - I dream of Naxos all the time now. It is such a wonderful big, with so much more to offer than most of the smaller islands. It also has very genuine local communities. I hope to buy a small traditional house on Naxos some day - I reall mean it. It would be such a great place to retire...venturing out to the surrounding islands from time to time.

 Name: Gayle Walker

 Email: Email

It has been almost 20 years since I first visited Naxos. I was living in England at the time on a working holiday. A friend and I asked the travel agent where we could go - with "this" amount of money - that was warm and had a beach - she suggested Naxos. We`d never heard of the place before - but once we got there it felt like we had stumbled into heaven! We decided to stay and had a great time working at Veggera. I met some wonderful people in Naxos and I will always feel a soul connection to the place. I`m hoping to visit again soon with my husband and daughter and share with them the wonder of this place. 20 years is just too long to wait!!!!

 Name: Lola

 Email: Email

Spend some time on the island and you will find these people are just the same as your next door neighbors. The Naxians treat you kindly, b/c you are spending money and they know you will be leaving their island soon so they can have it back.

Don`t fool yourself!

 Name: Trude Jensen

 Email: Email

My favorite vacationplace! Been at Naxos 4 times, and have now ordered the ticket for next summer. 7th of June I`ll be back :-)

 Name: Morag Doyle

 Email: Email

My husband and myself are coming to Naxos in December 2007, for Christmas, from the 21st December to the 29th December. We are wondering if anyone has an apartment to rent for this time, or something where we can also cook, preferably in Chora? Please can you let us know.

 Name: Colin Gater

 Email: Email

Hello Anke Gessler, I have the email for the Jam Bar. Email me at and I will pass it on to you.


 Name: Sally Thorpe

 Email: Email

I am very excited after booking up to go to Naxos next August with my lovely boyfriend!! Can`t wait!!

 Name: Sally Kraus

 Email: Email

I liked your site.

 Name: Ron Roelandt

 Email: Email

Went for the first time to Naxos this summer. We had a real good time, in particular thanks to the Naxos people who make you feel at home and treat you and their island with a lot of respect. If the rest of the world could only be a bit like this...
Unfortunately "the rest of the world" already leaves it marks on Naxos: wherever you go you find those horrible empty plastic bottles left behind. Is it so difficult to give Naxos the respect that it gives you?
I hope that Naxos manages to remain itself, a beautiful island with beautiful people. Great!

 Name: Ahmed Youssef

 Email: Email

i think that naxos is the most beautiful iland on earth do,t you ?

 Name: Tonks

 Email: Email

Naxos is a lovely place. Nice people, great beaches!! Anyone who visits Naxos will have an unforgetable time in many ways!!!

 Name: Anke Gessler

 Email: Email

Hi Colin..
I just found your entry hear and read that you know Nikos from the JamBar! Can you do me a favour.. because he is an long and good friend of mine.. do you have his mail address? I lost it. I cannot find it anymore and this summer didn`t have the time to say goodbye to him as I usually do! That would be nice!

Greetz Anke

 Name: Colin Gater

 Email: Email

I used to be one of those people that always said they`d never go the same place twice, that was until I discovered Naxos. I`ve been around 7 times and heading there again soon. Everyone is really friendly and your made to feel at home by everyone. Thank you to Mike and family at Katerina`s for always looking after us and Nikos and family at the Jam Bar.

All in all, Naxos is beautiful and has something for everyone.


 Name: detsis giannis

 Email: Email

because of my job, it`s no possible to go also this summer and i really missed my opinion naxos is tme most beatiful island in south agean with perfect beaches, and excited can choose also between nice nightlife and normal family holidays.naxos is one island that you have to visit and when this happen you will remember it like a good dream

 Name: Laila Halvorsen

 Email: Email

We have just coming home after 16 days on Naxos. Been there 3 times. This is perfect, everything is beutyfull.Lovely holiday, and finally we had some summer!
Loved it !

 Name: Anders "Mollberg" Larsson

 Email: Email

Nice site, vill be in Naxos end augusti 2007
We just love it
Kim and Anders

 Name: marina

 Email: Email

as the songs says:"I`m going back one day..come what may..on Blue Bayou...Where the folks are fine and the world is mine..on Blue Bayou...where those fishing boats with their sails afloat...if i could only see..that familiar sunrise,through sleepy eyes how happy i`d be..."!!!!!!Naxos is my Blue Bayou!!!i`m hanging on until the 16th of july!!!can`t wait!:-)

 Name: Evan Horbay

 Email: Email

We came as a family to Naxos last summer. We loved it! The town was lovely. Restaurants were amazing! People were very friendly. Even though it was peak season, the town wasn`t full of tourists! Beaches were beautiful! We cannot wait to reaturn!

 Name: Allan Smith

 Email: Email

Working in Naxos all summer and from what i have seen of it so far a very beautiful island that has a very warm friendly feeling to it!! Looking forward to a great summer. Im from Manchester in the UK.

 Name: Trine-Lise gjelsvik

 Email: Email

Me and my family are going to naxos for the third time. Im so eksited. Just cant waith untill we meet our naxos family at the taverna finikas. They are the most loving people i ever met. we just simply love the island.

naxos love from trine

 Name: luke price

 Email: Email

My wife and i have been to naxos twice and have decided to go again now we are 3!! Just love the island and where we stay is so close to the bech town and the supermarket!! Weather is amazing the sea gorgeous and the food is just fantastic!! can`t wait!!

 Name: Awie Loubser

 Email: Email

i stayed in naxos in 1990 and met plenty of good people there. Looking for Brian and Janina Wesenhagen , Kostas Xomehnes and Anne Bockenholt .

Awie (South Africa)

 Name: Chris Morgan

 Email: Email

My wife and I have visited Naxos 9 times since 1990 and I am very impressed with your webcams which I look at every day to see how the weather is and how hard the wind is blowing.

 Name: Xenofontas Damianos

 Email: Email

A really well organised wed site, with lots of info. I found many interesting places at Naxos using this website.

 Name: Bridget McEnery

 Email: Email

One of the more interesting islands I visited. We loved Dimitri`s the taxi driver, the nicest person on the island!

 Name: Sarah Hornsby

 Email: Email

My fiance and I are headed to the island in July, as part of our honeymoon. I can`t wait. This website gives such a great look at the wonderful sights that await us! :)

 Name: Asen Karshovski

 Email: Email

Eiii ako ima tam Bulgari pishete mi. Ne sum bil na Naxos ot 8 godini!

 Name: John Barker

 Email: Email

Would love to be coming again this year - plans were to do so and stay once again at Villa Adriana in Procopios, however, look slike we will have to wait another year when an extra addition to the family will be joining us!

To everyone visiting this year - keep the sea warm for us!


 Email: Email

Your website is perfect. I`ve never seen that with other islands. It will be the 18th year i travel in greek island. Your "Learn greek" is a very rich idea. Congratulations.
I hope to have hydrofoil from Santorini. fery is very long after one day of driving and flying.

 Name: Heidi Schiersch

 Email: Email

Searching for a florist on the island to send name day bouquet.
And, of course, I need it immediately.


 Name: Monika Muff

 Email: Email

When somebody from Captain`s Caf want to stay in contact with me, it would be a pleasure for me to answer. Just in case of any work in the caf/bar during next summer ;-))
My email-address:


 Name: Monika Muff

 Email: Email

Every time I visit Naxos it`s like coming home. And when I`m back home in switzerland, than I feel I miss something, especially some people and places. Many thanks all the people I met during my stay in Naxos.
I`m looking forward to visit Naxos next year.

Pola chronia


 Name: Heather Halpern

 Email: Email

The website is great. I just returned from a trip to Greece and found Naxos to be my favorite place. The people there are so friendly and the island is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your wonderful island with me.

 Name: Dave & Vicky Tremper

 Email: Email

I guess we were "cursed" too! :-) We will be returning to beautiful Naxos for a full month in September, 2007. We cannot wait!

 Name: Laura J Cole

 Email: Email

I visited Naxos for a few days in 1993, my partner and I sang 2 nights at "The Saloon" and were well-received. I dream of returning to live there, after my son finished high school here in the United States.


 Email: Email

HeY guys!i come from Naxos and i have spent every single summer of my life there!!i think i am extremely lucky,and i want to tell you a story that i think you should know...all of my friends have visited Naxos more than once!they love it!in fact i haven`t met anyone who has come only once!well,locals think that the weird feeling that makes visitors love the island,and want to come back,is the result of "the curse of Ariadni!"Ariadni,as you can read in the History-check the site-came to naxos with Thisseas!so when Thisseas left her,she was devastated!the myth says she went to Portara to watch him leave and "cursed"the island whispering that whoeverhad come to naxos,would come back again!I believe it`s true!if you have been to Naxos once and you don t think you will come back...well...give it time!i am sure you will miss it!i hope to see you there in the summer!lots of kisses!

 Name: Teresa Carroll

 Email: Email

Thank you for your wonderful web site. Will be going to Naxos the first week of October. Can you hire a driver to take you around?
Which side of the road do you drive on? Is it like The US.\?

 Name: Margret Dimmen

 Email: Email

Naxos is my greek island. I will be there August 26 for tree weeks. Jiipiii! Looking forward to visit my island again.
Your Web site is excellent - looking every day.

 Name: Ad van Amelsvoort

 Email: Email

Naxos is for me the best greek island.
The main city and beach is within walking distance.
Ik the summer there is almost every day a nice breeze.

 Name: diana eden

 Email: Email

I visited the website every day for about a month before our visit, and it made Naxos seem so familiar and welcoming. Coming in on the ferry was so exciting, to finally be there! (We were there the first week in July.)

We did indeed have a cappuccino with George at the Bikini Bar, and would have dined at Picasso if we had one more night. We loved our hotel the Alkyoni Katerina and all the friendly people who ran it, and we also visited the Flisvos Sportclub Bar on Agios Georgios for drinks a couple of nights, including one time to watch the World Cup game.

We loved Agios Prokopios and had a such good pizza for lunch from the Cava d`Oro (?) that we went back for dinner. We also visited Apiranthos.

I still check the webcam. At about 10 am in my office I can watch the sunset!

 Name: Marc Pichard

 Email: Email

One of the best sites on Naxos I have seen on the Net. Extremely user-friendly, very thorough... can`t wait to visit Naxos next year. COngratulations and greetings from Ottawa, Canada.


 Name: Hawre

 Email: Email

2002 was my firs time in Naxos. We were staying in Agia anna, I lo ved the place and want to visit it again. The most thing I liked was my visit to Halki, it reminded me to Kurdistan the place I come from originally and my walk between oliv trees was so nice and even to see the local and old ozu fabric was so nice.
The food was so good there, and I like the people who was telling me kalispera because I look like them....

 Name: Kevin Wedd

 Email: Email

What a great site! We cannot wait to visit this gorgeous island in July. The site has given me lots of ideas about where to visit, and where to swim in those cool waters.
See you soon! Kev

 Name: Barbara Anderson

 Email: Email

Hi, we have been to Naxos many times, since 1981..We hope to come back this year (maybe August/September)and hopefully see lots of our friends that live on Naxos..namely, Dimitri and his family, Joe,Karen and their children, Betty and her family, Jackie,George and all their family, the names could go on and on..We love Naxos, and especially, Chora and love the bread from the local Bakery (hope it`s still there)...I better stop, otherwise I`ll be filliny the guestbook.......Barbara and John Anderson xxx

 Name: Ina Helene

 Email: Email

hello! my name is Ina Helene. I am from Norway. I am 13 years old. I love Greece very much!!in 2006 I will take with me my friend Caroline! in 2005 I had with me my friend Madeleine, she liked Greece very much! most Naxos! my best Iceland is Naxos! we have been there many times, and will came back every year. In the summer are we in Greece every year. In Naxos we live in Plaka. Because it is near the sea! This page had very much info about Naxos, I dont know about before i came to this page. thanks for your help! From Ina and her friend Caroline!! PS. We will come back to this page many times!

 Name: Emil Lindroth

 Email: Email

Hi! I am from Sweden and me and my fiance Rebecca loves Greece and especially Naxos Island. We have visited Naxos several times and are coming back this summer july 15th and are staying for two weeks. A warm thank you for having this site and for all the warm greeks with open hearts and minds. For those of you who are thinking about going to greece - dont hasitate! Go! You wont regret a thing. But be shure to stop by Mikes caf and Falco Motors and Say hi from the Swedes Emil, Rebecca, Arne, Kia, Lennart and Malte - the guys who gave Vasili snus in 2004! We love you all. See you in july! Best Regards Emil

 Name: Robert

 Email: Email

Really good site with easy navigation!Keep doin what you do.

 Name: Georgios Frangiskou Fakinos

 Email: Email

My family is from Skado in the mountains of Naxos. My father was born there. My grandfather`s nick name was "aspriniki" (white fingernails) If you get a chance, see as much of the island as you can. Stop by the taverna in Skado...tell them their American cousin Georgios says, "Ya Sou."

 Name: Rana Smith Verret (fmr. Giomassis)

 Email: Email

I am so happy to have found this site! I was in Naxos in Summer 1987. I met the father of my children on Agia Anna. I am not with him anymore, but will journey there from Houston, Texas with my husband and my 2 Greek sons, next year. My boys are 10 and 13. I look forward to having them spend much time on the island where their parents met, after visiting Yia Yia and Papou in Thessaloniki. I like that this site has language lessons. My oldest, Kimon, wants to learn the language.

Sincerely, Rana from U.S.A.

 Name: john gordon

 Email: Email

This is the most beautiful Greek island we have visited, the people are so friendly and the beaches are wonderful, one day we shall return to taste the best Greek salad at the Trata bar at Aggios Geogious beach.Wonderful and much warmer than my native Scotland

 Name: Andrea Antichi

 Email: Email

I`m from Italy, i`ve been to Naxos last summer ,i stayed in Chora but i visited most of the inner villages and most of the wonderful beaches too thanks to a rented scooter.
I like to remember Penelope,who sold her weaving works outside Panaghia Drossiani...what a nice and kind girl!
And the old woman who showed us Moni Ipsilotera.
And the gourgeous jams of Era in Chalki.
And the crystal waters of Agios Prokopios...
And the little village and beach of Moutsouna..
How many things to remember!
I hope to come back soon in this delicious island!!!

 Name: andrea giselle

 Email: Email

beutiful place!!!! Hope to visit it some day, im from Argentina!

 Name: Maggie Barker

 Email: Email

The Web site is excellent. Went to Paros last year and did a day trip to Naxos, liked what we saw so we are going in August 2006. Staying at Agia Anna in the Annita Studios any further info on appartments, restaurants?

 Name: buard monique

 Email: Email

un grand merci pour le retour de la webcam !

 Name: Michael Halkiotis

 Email: Email

I like this site, I have just started to go through it, it seems informative.

 Name: constantina aerikos(constantinidis)

 Email: Email

Our family is from Naxos, Apeiranthos, and also from
Komiaki and only good memories are relayed to us. I visited Naxos in 1963 (wow long ago) and can sincerely say it was a beautiful island, THE best in the Cyclades. I hope my four girls someday visit there too and find their relatives.

 Name: Argyro T.

 Email: Email

One of the most wonderful islands I`ve ever been. What can I say? About the beaches, food, nightlife, people? Memories I will never forget in my life. I`ll be there soon! That`s a promise!!!

 Name: ken

 Email: Email

nice site

 Name: Diane Vallar

 Email: Email

I spent many wonderful months on Naxos from 1976-1984.
Are any of you other folks from that time still around? katerina,Denise John,David,Dougie, Walter,Irja,Oliver..... 30th anniversary reunion? Please get in touch if you remember me - tall, slim, longhaired Scottish lassie!

 Name: Aud Espevoll

 Email: Email

Me and my husband went on our first visit to Naxos August 2005 and spent 1 week on this lovely island! I already dream of going back....Before we went I had read a lot about the island and found so many places we would like to visit. We rentet a scooter for 3 days and went exploring Naxos and it was a great experience. We even went on a mountain walk to the top of Mt. Zeus (Zas)and had a wonderful view all over the island. Naxos town is a beautiful town with a lot of nice restaurants,"The Old Market" shops and nice places to wander around and not to forget, the beautiful harbour. I do love this island and also the Greek people because they are so nice and fiendly. To all of you: visit Naxos,you will never regret it!

 Name: Dave & Vicky Tremper

 Email: Email

Naxos was our BEST vacation yet! We were there from Sep. 3rd to the 17th. We absolutely loved it. Weather was gorgeous, water was pristine. We stayed in the Ag. Anna area at Stella Apartments. Just superb! All the tavernas there from Ag Anna south to Mikri Vigla were thoroughly enjoyable and we had some of the best food we`ve enjoyed in Greece to date. Amore Mio was notable for its amazing Italian cuisine. We enjoyed the local red wine they served as well.
We even had rooster up in one of the villages. Cock-a-doodle- doooo! We took our revenge on the rooster "wake up calls" at 6:00am each morning, next to us at Paradiso Taverna, lol... Thanks again to Miri who was our "waiter" every morning at Paradiso. Class act all the way.
We WILL return to Naxos again for sure.
Thanks for he hospitality shown to us - especially after such a looooong and crowded tourist season, 2005.
Dave & Vicky
New York

 Name: Michael Vergallen

 Email: Email

Still a nice place, after 20 years of going there I still wish I was still there now. Was there until 21 september and wish I didn`t leave.

 Name: Willie Mostert

 Email: Email

We are a small Cape Town tour group (Cyclades Tours) visiting Naxos 18-21 Sept and really looking forward to it - the comments are very positive and the website is great. Impressive!

 Name: borra sergio

 Email: Email

congratulations with your nice site.
we became unconditionally attached to this beautiful island with great sceneries all over the place;having visited almost 36 different greek isles since 1967 I must confess Naxos is the one I wouls like tyo spent my last days on.
Since we discovered Anna Studios of the nice Kalogeitonas family in Agios Prokopos in 1991,we have been coming twice a year in june and in september and so we`ll do again as from next september 3.

 Name: Dave Tremper

 Email: Email

I wish the "Live WebCam" was just that... it`s been stuck on Aug 6th. Helllllllooooooooooo! Anyone out there????!!!!
Alrighty then, when my wife and I arrive on Sep 3rd for our two weeks on Naxos, I guess we`ll see for ourselves what the weather`s like. ;-)

 Name: Jaime Garcia

 Email: Email

My sister was there the last two summers and she has enjoyed the island. After seeing this web site, I can understand why she likes it so much. I hope I can get there myself one day - in fact, I`m sure I will.

 Name: Dave T

 Email: Email

Thanks to marrying a wonderful Greek girl, I`m lucky enough to have made the pilgrimage to the Agean. This year will mark our third consecutive trip back to Greece. :-D

2003: Santorini & Milos (Paliohori)
2004: Serifos & Milos (Paliohori)
2005: Naxos! We cannot wait!! September 1st cannot come soon enough!

S`agapo, Vicky mou, para, para polu!!!

Dave and Vicky

 Name: Michelle Matthews

 Email: Email

Stayed 2 weeks in Naxos 31 years ago! It looks like it`s changed a LOT, and they say you should never go back... In 1974 Naxos had no hotels and few tourists. Agios Giorgios was very deserted except for a shack selling warm bottled orange drink. We stayed in a private house in Naxos Town just up the road from where the ferry docked (a local man took us there when we got off the boat), dined at the same taverna every night (where the meals got cheaper day by day), breakfasted at the same cafe in the port each morning, and danced and drank late into the night at a small bar on the town beach. Thanks for the memories.

 Name: Arnt Myrmo

 Email: Email

Looking forward to visit the island of naxos again in aug 05. the island is close to heavean i guess!!!!


 Email: Email

Hi everyone,
visited naxos in june 05, what a place. the best greek island i have ever seen. takes a while to get there, but worth every minute. the beaches are the best in the whole of europe.
The only problem is naxos needs to build a bigger airport so we can get there much quicker. my favourite bar is crepes in naxos town. the best beach is aghios prokopios near ag anna.
kids will adore it !!!!

 Name: sharon connolly

 Email: Email

my husband and i and our three children are going to naxos july 15th 2005 st georges beach, is the beach and sea safe for the children

 Name: David Wright

 Email: Email

My wife and I have visited Naxos twice; first in 1983 and the second time in 1989. This summer we return, bringing along our two daughters. I was adopted from the Metera orphanage in Athens in 1957, and discovered my roots are in Naxos. My wife and I located my biological mother in 1983, visited her in 1989, and have visited the specific town she grew up in as a child. We look forward to bringing our daughters to the wonderful country of Greece, and will enjoy several days on the most beautiful island in the Aegean, Naxos.

 Name: Hannah

 Email: Email

ohh, i want back to naxos!! looove that island!!

 Name: Danae BLATSI

 Email: Email

I look forward to coming to heaven again...


 Email: Email

I look forward to coming again to heaven...

 Name: Heidi Schiersch

 Email: Email

Seriously searching for an apartment or small house in chora to purchase. Any leads or contacts would be greatly appreciated. Will be on Naxos in Sept.

 Name: Mat Gregory

 Email: Email

I was on naxos back in 1991 for 3 weeks with my girlfriend and loved every minute of it! Im thinking of coming back again this time with the same girl but as my wife!
I hope it has not changed too much since then ;)

Cya Mat.

 Name: Rhiannon Bruni

 Email: Email

I went to Naxos for a week last June and I absolutely love the island. It truly is heaven on Earth. The family that runs Dolphins Restraunt on the wharf in Chora are the greatest people in the entire world. I can not wait to go back.

 Name: Christine Voudia

 Email: Email

Naxos is truely a wonderful place, once you have been here you will always want to return. I came here in 1977 and fell in love with a local boy, 28 years and four children later I am still here, helping my husband to run his taverna. Taverna Vasillis is in the old market street near to the harbour, it is a family run taverna going back to 1951, my husband took over from his father 15 years ago, and probably my son will take over from his father. We have wonderful customers that come back year after year. We would love to see you this summer.

 Name: Laila Halvorsen

 Email: Email

I have been to Naxos one time before, and we are also going there this year.I am coming from Norway, with children- and for us Naxos is like Paradise on Earth!
Til alle nordmenn: reis dit og opplev et fantastisk sted. Anbefales p det varmeste!!!

 Name: alexandra atha

 Email: Email

your site is as great as naxos!!!! i am looking foward to come again in july the beaches are like paradise !! anyone that has not been yet really has to visit it you `ll fall in love with it!!!

 Name: Phil Reed

 Email: Email

Have been to Naxos for the last four years and looking forward to coming back again in September. It is a truly beautiful island and the people are so friendly


 Email: Email

Hi there,
visiting naxos (ag anna) for the first time in june, cannot wait. beaches look amazing, hope the food is good, and the beer, staying at the anita apts in ag anna so see ya soon

 Name: Franz and Barbara/Austria

 Email: Email

Hello, finally, on 22 May is it so far, we comes finally again to naxos around here 2 weeks to ease, once naxos - always naxos. many dear greet Franz and Barbara

 Name: buard monique

 Email: Email

i look your site every day, because i love naxos and i have a house in naxos: thank you for the Web cam and the weather, but , can you give some news of Naxos, on the evenements or the live of the Naxos : it will more better !
still, thanks for your site


 Email: Email


 Name: Ian Bradshaw

 Email: Email

Rosie and I first visited Naxos in 98 and stayed at Paradise (Paradisos Studios - Ag Anna). We have been back every year since, because it is the best place we have found in our 18 years of exploring the islands. We are visiting again this year and bringing 10 friends with us to do some English morris dancing.

 Name: giorgio pascutti

 Email: Email

Great Website and if italian people want other info visit

 Name: arild johannessen

 Email: Email

naxos er en fin og delig plas vre deilige strender over helle ya,mye fin mat.det er 3 gangen jeg skal ditt sammen med mine venner og vi har det fint i sammen spiser og koser oss.ta med venner og famlin ditt....RILLERN.

 Name: buard monique

 Email: Email

un grand merci pour la Webcam

 Name: Canadian Security

 Email: Email

Very nice work Keep up the the good work.

 Name: hei

 Email: Email

nice sight

 Name: Nicko

 Email: Email

Just returned to Oz from trip including 3 days on Naxos staying at The Muses (next to Athina Studios) at Plaka Beach. Want to give a rap to Athina Anagnostopoulou, who is the most wonderful hostess and a lovely warm genuine human being. She looked after us really well, and runs a fabulous establishment there. Marshall (the cat) is pretty cute, too. Had the place pretty much to ourselves (low season), and weather was great. Loved the island, and will HAVE to return some day. Naxos lovers, unite!

 Name: maxine gertsch

 Email: Email

Great web site. The photo gallery is fantastic. I fell in love with Naxos Sept last year and returned in May this year.Not so easy to get there from this side of the world but I will return.
Absolutely the most beautiful setting is Avali Restaurant, Prokopios.

 Name: Heidi

 Email: Email

Just ret`d from paradiso and the weather was fantastic for the most part. Winds halted boat traffic for a day, so watch the reports, but YES the sea is beautiful for swimming. Have a great time!

 Name: Marijke

 Email: Email

Website prime is:
Veggera was a bar-dancing but has been sold to Escoba (Mexican restaurant-cafe, also in Athens) in December 2003.


 Name: Paola

 Email: Email

Went to Naxos this summer and Veggera is that the same as Escba????

 Name: Jen

 Email: Email

Great page & lovley island!!
Does Prime have their own Webpage???

 Name: Will Johnson

 Email: Email

Very useful site. I think Naxos is one of the most beautiful islands not only in Greece but the world. This was my third visit. I was lucky to see the Olympic flame being lit at the Apollo Temple overlooking the Chora. At sunset this is the most fanastic place to be. The old town is great to wonder around, nice bars like the Naxos Cafe and Jam. Best restaurant is Lucullus. Great beaches at Prokopois and Plaka..and lovely old Greek villages like Apyranthos. Plan to go back next year and meet more nice people. Enjoy.

 Name: Bjrn Winberg

 Email: Email

Great page

 Name: Kim Moore

 Email: Email

My husband and I are spending a few days in Naxos in October with my daughter and her boyfriend. We are so excited and can`t wait. Can anyone tell me what the weather will be like? Will it be warm enough to swim?


 Name: I Nyoman

 Email: Email

I like your website;I will come again sometime.

 Name: Manuella

 Email: Email

Your website made me cry!!!! You have done such a wonderful job on this site. It`s trully amazing. Thank you so much. My father is from Kaloxsilo(near Filoti) and I have been there 15 times and would go back 15 more if I could. I plan to go again next year and take my lil boy, and this site has made me remember all the wonderful months I would spend there. You should be proud of what you have done here, God knows I am. Na se kala!


 Name: charlie murphy

 Email: Email

God Bless!

 Name: julia

 Email: Email

hi, I`ve visited naxos for 2 weeks from 31.7.2004 to 14.8.2004 and I was very fascinated from this island. I stayed in agia anna and I`m sure I will come back soon. During my vacation I saw a really cute boy but unfortunately I was too shy to speak to him. The problem is that I don`t know anything about him just that he is from the united kingdom and stayed there with his parents and 3 friends (2 girls and 1 boy). So if anybody knows who he is, please send me an email and tell me whatever meight help me to find him. thanks.

 Name: Nick Houen

 Email: Email

Hi to all you Naxos lovers out there from down under in Australia. I`m going there in mid October this year for a 3 day visit with my little family. We`re staying at The Muses at Plaka Beach - looks like a terrific place. Anyone had any experience of this place (next to Athina Studios & run by the same people)? Any comments about Plaka Beach, or about Naxos in October? What`s the weather like then? How`s the swimming then? Any wise travel tips for that time of year in Naxos? I`m busting to get there - can`t wait!

 Name: Fons de Rudder

 Email: Email

Naxos is a beautifull island.
We visit it again in september and now for the third and nat the last time

Kind regards

 Name: Cati

 Email: Email

greetings from Luxembourg, your homepage is very nice. naxos we come from the 16/8 - 4/9 to visit you again. see you all.

 Name: shina sotiria

 Email: Email

Excellent site! Really excellent! I`m a greek student living in Athens and I`m going to visit Naxos, for the first time, in a week. I already love this island just judging from your site! Very good work! The creator of the site should love Naxos very much! Well done!!
I`ll come back with my own experiences from Naxos!!!

 Name: Kostas Vasilios Bakalos

 Email: Email

I wish I was in Naxos with my family and friends to celebrate the GREAT EURO VICTORY of the Greek national team, My Wife three girls and myself had a Victory parade along with all the Greeks of the Penticton B.C. to honor the GREAT WIN. We are very proud to Greek and thank you to our football team for all the joy trills and emotions that they gave us in the last 3 weeks !!!!! Sagapo Hellas !!!! Kostas Vasilios Bakalos, Penticton B.C. Canada.

 Name: The Creative Impulse

 Email: Email

Polly kalh douleia Dennis! Synexise thn aksiologh prospatheia gia thn kalyterh provolh toy nhsiou mas!

 Name: Santorini Siren

 Email: Email

Having extreme withdrawal after another fabulous month on my favorite island. O kairos ine trelos ala it doesn`t really matter when you find yourself in paradiso. Kala kalokeri!

 Name: Talya Sumray

 Email: Email

this web site is really helpful and Naxos is a great island!

 Name: Linn & Trude

 Email: Email


We`re looking forward to visit Naxos at the 20th of June.

Look we come!!!! Again.....

Tjhiii haaaa

 Name: Dr. Bazzani Luca

 Email: Email

Very beautifull island and especially very beautifull site.

 Name: Alastair and Marilyn

 Email: Email

Great to have the webcam working again. We are travelling to Naxos again at the beginning of April and look forward to enjoying the Easter celebrations in Greece.

 Name: Sue Jarvis

 Email: Email

We have many good memories of Naxos over the last 6 years
A couple of points to remember though - if you hire a car check the map for petrol stations before you leave Chora and check the gauge is working (we didn`t it wasn`t!!!)
Just love Agia Anna and our stay at the Castello last year
Try the cafe with the blue checked tablecloths just before you reach the port -Papavassiliou St - fantastic lamb or anything else on the menu,really good value and a nice welcome
Also step back in time at the cheese/wine and herb shop just up the road
This is for Lyn & Keith- The web site is great - if this does not make you want to go to Naxos nothing will
Dougie & Sue

 Name: George V.

 Email: Email

Great web-site. Especially the live web cam is a good idea, but it keeps us from working...

 Name: Simon Finnigan

 Email: Email

This is a great site! - I just discovered it. I lived on Naxos for 6 months in the summer of 1993 and worked for the Kitini family. Of course I have many fantastic memories of the island & my time there, and I can`t believe it`s been over 10 years and I haven`t got back there yet; I`ve got to get back soon, but meanwhile this site keeps me in touch with Naxos. Yassou!

 Name: A & M, Scotland

 Email: Email

Just discovered your great website - we love Naxos and have built a holiday villa on the hillside near Potamia, with wonderful views of the sea. It has 3 bedromms, sleeping max. 8 people.Available for rent all year round. Great local architect / builder, Maravas-Pomonis.

We love Alkyoni Hotel and v. friendly manager Stamatis, Jam nightclub for cocktails, Klik cafe for warmth and hot drinks in winter and the best toilets in town, and Rental Center for cars and helpful advice from Theo and Riet.

Returning at Easter. .......Please use the message board as a communication link.

 Name: x x

 Email: Email

nice island! nice website! good work! greetings to katerina!

 Name: Lisa & Andy

 Email: Email

We have just returned from Naxos and had the most relaxing time.Such a beautiful island.
We stayed at the Anna Studios in Ag Prokopios.A very comfortable and clean studio,with kitchen and bathroom, 1 minute from the beach and all the resturants but very peaceful.They were very clean and friendly.
We did the recomended resturants in Naxox Town - Scirroco and Picasso and they too lived up to expectaion.These must be tried.
The best place to have breakfast is The Golden Beach.This is a little cafe bar on the beach in Prokopios with the best cakes and pastry which is to die for.The Family who run it are very very nice and they are the most polite girls that we have met.
We hope to go back in the near future as it is such a fab place and the beach is the best

 Name: Ricardo Barros

 Email: Email

We have just returned from Naxos and we really had a good time! We stayed in Agios Prokopios village in Kavos studios. If you are looking for relaxing holidays Kavos is the place. It`s well located, just outside the village a five minute walk to the magnificent sandy beach with crystal clear water of Agios Prokopios and a five minute drive to Chora. Our studio was very comfortable and cosy and had AC, private bath, a kitchenette and a private veranda with a smashing panoramic view to the Aegean perfect to end a day spent in the beach. When you are at Kavos you forget the world because there is no TV or relax and enjoy!!! The island of Naxos is perfect to escape from the crouds of Mikonos and Santorini.
Keep up the good work because your site has the best information about Naxos and really help me plan my vacations.

 Name: Heidi Schiersch

 Email: Email

Thirty years of visits to Greece and I will NEVER get my fill of Naxos. This piece of heaven grows and yet, it does not lose its charm. As others find this paradise, remember how blessed we are to have these people, their spirit and beauty and to share it.

 Name: K.Vasilios

 Email: Email

My compliments to your site,keeps getting better & better!!I missed the chance of being in Naxos this year,but I did promise my wife a 3 girls that next year we all will be in BEAUTIFUL NAXOS for 2 months.For anyone making a trip in September,All I can say great month for being in Greece ( Especially Naxos ),The huge crowds are gone and the locals can start to breath a little easier giving them a chance to be even more hospitable,The weather is probably at it`s best,not to hot not too cool,just PERFECT !!If anyone reads this comment and are actually going to be in Naxos make sure that you stop by Veggera which is a lovely bar and ask for Dimitri ( The owner ), He`ll treat you like GOLD !! And also for a great meal,I suggest Scirrocco for breakfast,lunch&diner as well as Taverna Kastro ( Ask for Soulis ). I am sure that you will be happy that these places were recommended,I am a 15 time visiter of this most beautiful Island.Prokopios beach is highly recommended,simply stunning !! All the vilages are worth visiting,My favorite Apiranthos !! Enjoy your trip to Naxos. From someone very envious. K.V.B. Canada.

 Name: Charlotte Moreland

 Email: Email

Wehey! What a wicked site! This will be my third year in a row of visiting Naxos, when i visit on 29/08! Cant blooming well wait! I have found Naxos to be the most friendsly, and beautiful of the Cyclades Isles which i have visited. Its so un-pretentious(unlike say, Mykonos)! Villa Adrianna is the place to stay with the amazing host of Yiannis, who takes care of you very much! Also we loved the Hideaway cafe which was run by a lovely German lady, just near to the Agios Prokopios beach! Not to mention Anna`s bar next door for wicked cocktails!
And the best food award has to go to the excellent Mexican on the island!
All in all a wonderful place, with a string of people whom visit it year after year! Love it! Charlotte x x x

 Name: sophie

 Email: Email

ive just been to naxos for the first time and it was the best holiday i have ever had. its perfect, beaches, nightlife, food and the people are amazing.
You must visit Trata, a restaurant/bar on the beach Agios Georgios. i made all my friends there, they are lovely.
and u gotta go to veggera, if only just to meet demitri, (thanks for all the drinks mate). i spent ages sittin alone on the end of his bar by myself while my `lover` worked there, but still had a wicked time.
just a favour, if anyone is going soon can they getin touch with me cos i need to pass a message.
thanks, sophie x

 Name: Dave White

 Email: Email

Great site,Will be visiting Naxos in september and I guess Veggera and scirocco are in the plans,sounds like great places for cocktails & food,also looking forward to visting these nice beaches and villages,the site was very helpful in making me decide to visite Naxos. D.V. Canada.

 Name: Mikheal / Katerina

 Email: Email

Naxos is Paradise !! Your site is awesome!! Veggera is the place to be in the evenings for the best atmosphere,music and ofcourse cocktails which Dimitris( Owner,Bartender& great guy ) created most of !! Veggera is also a place that keeps making people go over and over again it`s that special!!For a special breakfast,lunch or diner Scirrocco is recommended also for atmosphere,service and great food,Make sure to ask for Micheal or Nikos owners & waiters ( Nice guys ).Naxos is blessed with some of Europes best beaches,Agios Prokopios was voted in the top three.The villages kept most of thier traditional ways which makes it very special and unique to visit.Apiranthos is one of the most beautiful and popular of the Island.The best way to describe Naxos // Greece`s best kept secret!!!!!!!!! Will be there in 2004 .


 Email: Email



 Name: Maria Feliz Torres Pepito

 Email: Email

nice website..

 Name: Jessica

 Email: Email

I`m just writing a warning to all tourists that will be visting the greek islands to please watch their drinks whilst out and about as i had a bad experience recently, involving an unknown drug slipped into my drink. i woke up the next day in an empty hotel room with nothing on. i know something had happened to me as i have got marks on my body. i hadn`t drunk very much and unfortunately cannot remember anything from the previous night. PLEASE KEEP DRINKS WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES!!! Since the attack i have done some investigation and have discovered that this is becoming a very big problem on the greek islands. If anyone has had any similar experiences please email me - this must not be ignored and MUST be taken seriously. Thank you.

 Name: jessica everett

 Email: Email

hello!!!! I have just looked through the site and found it the best source of information about Naxos, Great! It has also really made me excited about coming out there at the end of the week to work (28/06/03), although i am still slightly nervous and am worried will not find a job, if anyone has any help to offer or know of any vacancys on the island i would be very greatful for your input. Thanks c u there!!!
Jessica x

 Name: John Barker

 Email: Email

Loved looking at this site and seeing some familiar places from Rainy London! Coming over again this year to the best little Island in the Cyclades! See you all on the 29th August! We can`t wait!

 Name: Sarah Davison

 Email: Email

Can anybody tell me if any UK tour operators fly to Naxos on a weekend day. If so whom? Thanks

 Name: Maria Degaitas

 Email: Email

I Love the island. I have visited the island 8 times in my life and each time gets better and better. Everytime I visit I feel as if I never left home. Especially with so many relatives and friends I have met through the years.

I highly suggest renting a car... offers a bit more freedom and you can take things at your own pace. There are so many beautiful places to visit, especially if you love the beach.

Big shout out to Uncle Charlie!!!!!! What`s up!!! See ya in 6 weeks!


 Name: Maryam Anderson

 Email: Email

Just like to say that the site is full of interesting and useful info and is making me consider a visit!!

 Name: Dave & Caroline Gibson

 Email: Email

For the past 4 years we meet up with our very dear friends from Eire for two weeks R & R on Greek Islands. This year it`s Naxos for the first time and having read all the comments it won`t be our last. Can`t wait for 29/08! Watch this space after we return.

 Name: john dwane

 Email: Email

been to naxos before, looking forwaed to my next vist in july 2003.

 Name: Judit Szemere

 Email: Email

I must say that I have checked out a couple of websites on Naxos and this one is the best! The pages with illustrated photos, the information, everything! Well done!
We are going to work there this summer, never been there, but are excited about coming over!

 Name: elizabeth and john tomassi

 Email: Email

we returned to england on 9th june 2003 after a month on your beautiful island and I must say that we enjoyed it immensely, everywhere we went people were so kind and welcoming everything was kept very clean and tidy and may I mention special thanks to Dimitris and his mother and father George at St George Hotel at Aghios Giorgios which was a perfect setting also thanks to Lefteris and Dimitris and Pitsa at Finikas bar on the beach for their good service and kindness and last but by no means least the efficient and courteous service offered at Scirocco in Court Square run by Micheal and Nikos and their family and the delicious food on offer. We shall return as soon as we can

 Name: Bea

 Email: Email

This is the most useful and best website I have found about Naxos. We are probably heading to Naxos to work this summer, hopefully it will work out. Great website, keep up the good work!!!

 Name: Paul Cherry

 Email: Email

Great Website. Just booked 2 weeks in Naxos May 2004_looks a fabulous place.

 Name: Annemie

 Email: Email

Hello all you readers and signers of this guestbook.
Have you all noticed,ther`s a message board on this website?
Come on let`s use it!

 Name: Milan Safar

 Email: Email

Hi, I have just found out your marvellous web site and I placed it immediately to my favourite. I will have to look at it thoroughly. It must be very special on your island. It would be nice to visit the places personally. And I have heard about good wines you are drinking there. Have a nice time everybody.
Greetings from Czech republic. Milan

 Name: George Stavros

 Email: Email

Naxos is the Emerald of the Aegean Archipelago or the nicest island of the Kiklades. The people are charming.
This will be my fourth consecutive visit.

For best food visit Irene`s caffee where beautiful Irene is the owner/host and will take excellent care of you..

For superior Greek music and a teriffic view go to Flamingo.

And for any other help see Despina Kitini. This beautiful lady is "Mrs Naxos". She knows everything that exists on this "heavenly island"

 Name: Dimitris Imellos

 Email: Email

One of the nicest sites of Naxos I have seen. Congratulation...job well done!

 Name: Theodora

 Email: Email

this is the best website of Greece that I`ve found. I`m a dutch woman, heading for Greece next week and staying for 4 weeks. I`m going to spend at least a day or 4 at Naxos. What I can see from the site, it seems like a little paradise. Maybe a bit like the dutcht island Terschelling ( ), which is the dutch paradise for me :-)) see you soon!

 Name: Kostas Bakalos

 Email: Email

I`ve just conformed and booked my flight for Naxos,The magical date is July 17th til August 20th , Can`t wait to return to my second home and see all my family & friends.Naxos is truly heaven on earth and all of it`s local people are very friendly.To my opinion Naxos was blessed with perhaps the most beautiful beaches of Greece Agios Prokopios being one of many and worth mentioning the still virgin beach of Psili Amos.Restaurants are a real treat,some of my favorites are of course Scirocco with there great owners and waiters Nikos & Michael and Taverna Kastro owned and hosted by a great guy Soulis,all very good friends.A favorite place of mine for drinks and good music is of course Veggera, with it`s beautiful open court garden and exciting bar Dimitri will serve you great cocktails many of which he has created himself.Also Nikos from Jam bar a dear cousin of mine has a great selection of music which he personally D.J`s every night in his popular bar.Naxos is also known for all it`s beautiful villages that kept their traditional ways,Apiranthos being my favorite.See you all soon !!
Kostas Bakalos,British Columbia ,Canada.

 Name: Annemie

 Email: Email

Congratulations;you are doing very well! I like "meet the locals" ,a very good idea!

 Name: ljubica serbia

 Email: Email

naxos is the best island!

 Name: Marlies

 Email: Email

Leuke site. Mooie foto`s. Ik ben er al meerdere malen geweest, maar kom toch weer iedere keer terug.

 Name: Berit

 Email: Email

Great site. We`ll be visiting Naxos in august 03, and the whole family are looking forward to return to this beautiful island. Naxos 4-ever!

 Name: ton kroon

 Email: Email

geen enkele vakantie kan typen aan Naxos, met name Prokopios
geweldige mensen, schitterend strand, etc.. hopelijk
lezen niet teveel mensen dit..;)
het hoeft niet drukker te worden.. trouwens nice site u make..
the dutch connection....(Jos-Gunna-Adrie-etc..)

 Name: Soultana

 Email: Email

Congratulations. I come from a small town in Evia and after surfing on your site, I want to do something equally impressive for my little home-town. It`s about time Greece offers extensive information to prospective tourists! (We all know how organized we can be) :) I plan on visiting Naxo this June, and this site has definitely been a great help / reference tool. Keep up the good work!!!
Soultana, Cincinnati OH--USA

 Name: Antonis Anagnostoy

 Email: Email

To proigoumeno keimeno to esteila sta ellinika,alla den anagnorizei tin grammatoseira.Eftichos giati eixa orthografiko
lathos kai to katalava molis patisa sudmit!!!!
Erixa mia matia sta grigora.tha ta poyme apo konta.

 Name: Lisa N

 Email: Email

We are coming to Naxos for the first time in September. Looking forward to it.Hope it is as good at it looks.

 Name: Silvester

 Email: Email

Hallo Freunde von Naxos; bis bald! Bleibe vom 2. Mai bis 10. Oktober
03. cu soon, Silvester

 Name: jay

 Email: Email

Kalla ..guys ...greetings from Jay and Marco ...the brothers
see you there very soon ..we love Naxos...


 Name: none

 Email: Email


 Name: Paul Caffrey

 Email: Email

Have just discovered this great site about my favourite Greek island - excellent!! Keep up the good work. Have been to Naxos many times now - can`t explain it but something keeps drawing me back. A combination of a truly beautiful island with so much variety and wonderful friendly people. Especially enjoyed the evenings in The Captain`s Table - hi Nikos; the pizzas in Kellari - hi Nikos; the breakfasts in Scirocco & Rendez-vous - hi Nikos x 2; anyone not called Nikos !?! Chris & I will be back in 2003 - probably in August and we tell everyone how great Naxos is. Have a great & successful 2003. Yammas!

 Name: Isabel Skipperud

 Email: Email

i relly hope thet Naxos is as beautiful as Karpathos!!

 Name: Yianni Bakalos

 Email: Email

I was on Naxos Island with my brother Kosta last summer , Naxos is truly heaven on earth & the locals are all very nice . Your site is great & very helpful.
Yianni Bakalos . Montreal,Quebec,Canada.
P.S. See you in 2003 !!!!!!!!!

 Name: xenofontas damianos

 Email: Email

nice site, carry on the the work, you are the best!

 Name: Vangelis Kovaios

 Email: Email

File mou.. ti na po to Site einai para poly kalo kai me vohthise na matho kai na vro para poles prirofories gia tin Naxo. Pithanotata tis diakopes mou tha tis kano ekei..
Oso gia to Site einai poly kalo kai tha prepei na exeis ksodepsei polles ores prospathontas na to ftaseis se ena epagelmatiko epipedo..

Vangelis Fujitsu England

 Name: joanna pappas

 Email: Email


 Name: Daniel Tanopolous

 Email: Email

When in Chora, go to the Special Kontosuvli restaraunt. Wonderful people, and the Kontosuvli is spectacular.

 Name: Rock A. Southward

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I`m looking for a friend. Zacharoula Psilakis. Anyone know him?

 Name: Kostas Bakalos ( Constantine )

 Email: Email

Anyone planning a trip to Naxos , I highly recomend 2 of the best restaurants on the Island , Kastro with it`s great host & owner Soulis and Scirocco which will greet you with Micheal & Nikos also 2 super guys , If you`re planning a nice evening out, you will enjoy the best cocktails & music that Naxos has to offer at Veggera , Dimitri Yiasou !! I have spent alot of my memorable evenings sitting at the end of that bar ( alway the same stole )having a nice drink and enjoying the moments. To all my friends that from naxos and around the world , Yiasas and hope to see you all again one day. Kosta, Canada.

 Name: Constantine Vasilios Bakalos

 Email: Email

I have been to Naxos Greece 15 times in my life so far , I know this Island inside & out ( I thought ),your site provided me with information that I didn`t even know myself.Your site has all the information possible about the great land of the God`s. Constantine Vasilios Bakalos , Canada .
P.S. See you in 2003 !!

 Name: Immo

 Email: Email

Interesting site with very impressive pictures of that beautiful island!
Regards, Immo

 Name: Alain Bebie

 Email: Email
10/29/2002 is extremely helpful! I will recommend it to all my friends and will visit it again when ever I need details about your beautiful island.

 Name: Chris Phillips

 Email: Email

I have just found your site. I was in Naxos during July/August 2002 staying at Aghios Georgios for our 25th wedding Anniversary with my husband Pete who sadly passed away in February 2002. It was such a special holiday, with such wonderful memories. I would love to come back one day to the most gorgeous of all the greek islands I have visited.

 Name: anette

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Naxos is really great, and I loved Veggera and all the boys there! I give all my kisses to Andreas, please contact me if you see this!

 Name: a.t.

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Mpravo file Denni ontos kali doulia

 Name: annemie

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Fantastic site.Looks really good!
I`ve been on Naxos many years ago.It has changed a lot! I`ve heard that my favorite bar "Infinity" does not exist anymore....But the island is still something special to me.
We`re hoping to get there next year.My husband has never visited
Naxos before,except on a shortly daytrip from Santorini.So I would love to show him the island.

 Name: kevin

 Email: Email

Been to Naxos many times ... coming back in November is like coming home .. looking forward to meeting old friends again
especially Yianni and Maria Valetta and everyone at Veggera !


 Name: Georgeand Laura Fotiades

 Email: Email

There are few islands to compare in our opinion.We had a fine hostess from The Hotel Zivgoli, Despina was a gem.There is much to do and see here,the gods will favor you once your feet touch their fine beaches,the wines, and people ,plus the sights will always be remembered.We shall see the beauty again,for Dionysus calls us back.

 Name: Ivar Granli

 Email: Email

We my wife and i are going to Naxos at 14.09 and we are very
exited. We have never been too Greece before and hopes the weater - the food - and the hotel is great.
See you there!!!!!!!

 Name: Brigitte Signer Touloupis

 Email: Email

Super Site. Exceptional!!!! Have to tell about it.... My friends here in Greece and everywhere will sure love it.


 Email: Email

Been to Naxos, been to La Plaza. had vodka. love it!
Hi Denis! :-)

 Name: Panagiotis Korsos

 Email: Email

I will come to see the land of my father soon, to find out more about my grandfathers-grandfathers and my roots and my patreda.

 Name: Denis

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