Naxos Beaches
and nudist beaches


Naxos really has some of the most wonderful beaches in Greece.  There are beaches for all tastes. White sandy beaches, beaches with thicker "stony" sand as well as beaches perfect for sports like windsurfing, beach volley, etc.

Often villages cannot be distinguished from the nearby beaches.  The beaches are so beautiful that when people refer to a village they are actually talking about the beach (eg. Agia Anna is a village but most people refer to the beach when they mention Agia Anna). 


  Agios Georgios, Chora Naxos

Agios Georgios is one of the most popular beaches in Chora Naxos. 

Its proximity to the town center, the bars and hotels makes it a good quick-swim choice for everyone.



  Agia Anna

Next to Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna is one of the most popular beaches on the island. 

It is preferred by people who love camping and those who wish to be somewhere nice and quiet.



(partially for Nudists)

Agios Prokopios

Agios Prokopios is a lovely and very long beach that starts from the area of Stelida and ends where Agia Anna starts.

It's got crystal clear water and is preferred by families as well as groups of teenagers.



(also for Nudists)


Plaka is in a sense the continuation of the beach of Agia Anna.

It's a place very popular with nudists, without that meaning that it's a place full of nudists. It's merely one more great beach.




You can find this beach as you go further south from Plaka beach.

Parthenos is another great beach. Again clear waters and one of the best places to relax.



  Mikri Vigla

Excellent beach, especially for the ones who love sports like windsurf and kitesurf.

The water is great and there is also a winsurf center in the area.




For the ones who want something smaller and relatively quiet, Amitis is a very nice choice.

It's close to the very "green" villages of  Eggares and Galini.




Further north from Amitis you will find Abrami, another nice and quiet beach.

This is one more nice place for anyone to swim.





Kastraki is located at the south-west of naxos.

Once more, great waters and plenty of space for everyone to relax.





Moutsouna is another well-known beach of naxos.

Located at the very east of naxos, it also provides access by small boats to the island of Donousa.




Pirgaki is another great beach.

Once more, great waters and plenty of space for everyone to relax or just play.




Agiasos is a very nice beach.  It has got clear water and is a good place for you to relax.

It has been popular with local families in the last few years. Note that there is NO asphalt road leading to the beach.





Alyko is between the beaches of Kastraki and Pyrgaki.

It's also another good place for people who wish to test their windsurfing and kitesurf skills.

A lot of people from mainland europe tend to visit places such as the beach near the airport, Mikri Vigla or Alyko to enjoy windsurfing.

If you are into sports it is a very good choice.





Although Apollonas is a bit far from Chora Naxos, it is a very pleasant place to be. 

The beach is relatively small but the environment is relaxing and friendly.




Lionas is a very rocky and different beach. 

It is near the northern villages of Naxos such as Koronos and Komiaki and provides access to old traditional villages and locations.



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