Towns and Villages

Naxos has a lot of traditional villages, each one with its own history, style and character.  A visit at each one of them will show you a part of the past of the island of Naxos.


  Chora Naxos - Naxos Town


Chora Naxos (also know as Naxos Town) s the biggest town of the island of Naxos.

Plenty of things for every type of taste, good food, great nightlife and excellent environment.

It is very easy to move around as everything is within a 30min walk.

The venetian castle, the old town and its good shopping areas make it a very good choice forany holiday maker.





Potamia is well-known for its good water.

The lack of rain during the last few years has made all the little rivers of the village disappear, but it's still a great place to visit.




Sagri is close to the some of the towers of Naxos as well as ancient temple areas, such as the temple of godess Dimitra.

Near Sagri you will also find road access to the beach of Agiassos.




Scado is a nice and quiet village.

You can spend some time there relaxing and enjoying the countryside of Naxos.




Moni is one of the mainland villages of Naxos.

It is a very characteristic place of mainland naxos and it has often been described as a picturesque location on the island.

In this village you can also find some local products of Naxos such as weaving products, art, etc



  Agersani - Agios Arsenios

Agios Arsenios, or Agersani for short, is one of the villages that is not too far from the sea.

It is just behind the beach of Plaka and offers a traditional village environment while it's close to the beach.




Mesi is another representative village of inner Naxos.

It is located between the villages of Lionas and Komiaki.




The lovely village of Kourounoxori is a very relaxing and friendly place.

It is just opposite of the village of Melanes and offers great view, and a friendly and relaxing environment to everyone.




Melanes is just opposite of Kourounoxori.  Nice place to visit if you would like to see one of the Kouros statues of Naxos and not be too far from Chora.

Also the food there is good. Just visit the restaurant of Giorgis.




This is a village that shows a bit of the hstory of Naxos.

Visiting the towers in the area is a must, and if you want to go for a swim later, the beach if Agia Anna is not far from there.




Keramoti is a good example of the northern mainland style of Naxos.

Visit the are and enjoy the inner part of Naxos.

Truly a lovely place to visit.




Danakos is a village localed at the east side of the island.

It is close to the Aria Cave and you can also visit many of the old churches and monasteries in the area.




Galadano is another nice village that's worth visiting.

Around the village you will find some towers and churches are also worth visiting.





Kinidaros is the village that could be considered as an entry to the northern group of mainland villages of naxos.

Walking around the village surely will relax you and give you the energy to explore the island further.



  Tripodes - Vivlos

Small and friendly village that is distinguished from the others because of its  mills.

It is a nice and quiet place that is definitely worth a visit.



  Apiranthos - Aperathou

Apiranthos is one of the villages that somehow differ from others.

Its history is very much linked with Crete as many of its inhabitants have Cretian  roots.

In this village you can also find some local products of Naxos such as weaving products, art, etc




Filoti is one of the villages of Naxos that has developed a lot during the last few years.

Build at the base of mount 'Zas' it "captures" the local character while at the same time is the "educational center" of inner naxos.





Eggares is a village that has a lot to offer.

It has a lot of lovely green fields and while it gives you the impression that you might be far from the sea, you are actually not far from it.

Eggares offers quick access to the beach of Amitis and a quiet-soft  mainland environment.






Halki is a lovely village at the northern side of Naxos.

Some well-known local artists originate from this village which has a lot to show to its visitor, whether that's its traditional style or its history.

There is a fortress-tower in the area that would be nice to visit.

Also, you might want to pay a visit to the local traditional cafe and get a fee for the local lifestyle.






Koronos is a very well-known to every local. The village has played an important role to the island's history and economic growth.

Emery excavation helped the area's development and you should definately visit the emery excavation caves in the area outside the village.

Koronos is very much a  representative village of mainland naxos and as such it would be a great idea to visit it.




  Komiaki - Koronida


Komiaki is one of the very traditional villages of naxos.

If you visit the village you should definately try the local wine which most likely differes to whatever other wines you've tried.

Komiaki provides a friendly feeling with its traditional architecture and style.

This village is worth a visit.  You should also visit the emery excavation caves in the area outside the village.

In this village you can also find some local products of Naxos such as weaving products, cheese, art, etc



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