About Naxos-Greece.NET


Naxos-Greece.NET aims to be the most complete guide to Naxos of a practical nature.  That's why it was designed to give you all the information you need, without any delays, without using a lot of graphics and as such providing with what you need as soon as possible.

Naxos-Greece.NET's purpose is to provide any potential visitor of the Greek island of Naxos with useful and practical information to help the visitor find his/her way around and see some of the beauties of the island.  This is done by "making visible" any useful information under one roof.

That is done by either showing useful content in the form of writing information about Naxos or even through linking site-external pages from the main menu, thus enabling you to look at all the interesting information through one place on the net. 

As such, some of the content is external to Naxos-Greece.NET and potential amendments depend on others.  (External content can be identified by looking at the description of links  ie. moving the mouse over a link and reading its description/screentip.   eg.  the screentip of the Photo Gallery is "Gallery - Mirrored From Naxos Hoteliers Association", which shows that this Gallery is not a native part of this site but a "mirrored" external page. 

At this point I would like to thank  Naxos.be, Naxos Hoteliers Association, AdCare, Flisvos Sportsclub and Recipesource.com for granting me permission to use photos or/and information owned by them.

Naxos-Greece.NET also attempts to support the local Businesses of Naxos, by listing them on the website together with their contact information, and also enabling them to advertise further if they wish to do so.

I hope you will like this site and find it useful.  If there is anything else you would like to see in it, or you have any suggestions regarding how it could become better, feel free to contact us.


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