How to Go to Naxos

(from: Athens, Thessaloniki, Santorini, Myconos)


  By Airplane


From  the "ELEFTHERIOS VENIZELOS" airport in Athens, you may fly to Naxos using one of the following airlines:

Olympic Airways (Click for timetable)

Athens,  Tel.: +30 210 9666666
Naxos, Tel. : +30 22850 23043

The flight should last about 30min depending on weather conditions and required route alterations (in some cases you make a stop on another island before you get to Naxos).

You also may go to Naxos either through Crete or Santorini.  There are often charter flights to Naxos, Santorini and Crete directly from the UK, Germany, Sweden, and other countries. Therefore it is a good idea to ask your travel agent about charter flights directly to Naxos or Santorini or Crete. Actually going through Santorini is a good idea since Santorini is only 2 hours away from Naxos (by Blue Star ferries). The airport of Santoriniis not near the port of Santorini though. You'll either have to take the bus from the airport (passing every 1 hour) or take a taxi. A taxi to the port should cost about 10 euros,

The airport of Naxos is about 1km outside Chora Naxos (also known as Naxos Town) and you may use one of the taxis outside the airport.  Alternatively, you may call your own Taxi by calling  22850-22444 (number is as dialled from Naxos or Greece).

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View Real-Time Flight Arrivals and Departures at Athens International Airport 


Tip: Sometimes the cost of the taxi is almost the same with renting a car or a scooter.  Therefore, It might be a good idea to rent a car or a scooter and have it delivered to the port or airport.


  By FerryBoat


From Athens:  If you arrive at the airport in Athens (click here for Airport Access information), you can take Ferries to Naxos from either the port of Pireaus or Rafina.

To go to Pireaus, you can take the X96 bus which departs every 20-40min from the airport.  Allow about 60-90 minutes for the trip to the port. The bus ticket currently costs €3.20.  This used to be 2.90 and was also valid as a 24hour day-pass for any form of transport in Athens. Unfortunately that is not the case anymore.

You can also take a Taxi to go to the Port of Piraeus.  This should cost about €28 (used to be around 15) according to the official body of taxi drivers.   If you take a taxi it is a good idea to let the driver know that your destination is Naxos, so that he takes you in the port area where the ferries to Naxos are. Note that many Greek taxi drivers usually "service" more people on a single fair and they collect the same amount of money from all passengers or passenger-groups.  This is not legal, but you will see it is being accepted by many.

Once you reach the port, there are a lot of travel agencies from where you can buy your ticket.  Bare in mind that there are more or less 3 types of ferries that can take you to Naxos. 

  • The first one is a normal ferry (cheapest but also slowest option). In this case the trip takes about 6-7 hours and the ticket costs about €25.
  • The second case is the so-called Blue-Star ferries (relatively fast and not too expensive).  The trip in this case should last about 5 hours and the ticket should cost about €30.
  • And the final, fastest and most expensive option is the so-called High-Speed ferries. With a High-Speed ferry it should only take you about 3.5 hours to get to Naxos, and the ticket should cost about €45.

Below are some links that you can use to find the daily schedule for departures from Piraeus to Naxos:


Information on Ferries

Click Here for Ferry Timetables (general)


Other Links

Blue Star ferries

High Speed ferries

Ferry Timetables

Piraeus' Port Authority, Tel.: 210 4226000 - 4, 210 4125155, 210 4119164, 210 4137676  (numbers are as dialled from Greece).


To go to Rafina, please ask at the airport's Information Desk or Click Here.

From Thessaloniki: There are Ferries going to Naxos from Thessaloniki, in Northern Greece. The final destination of these ferries is Crete. 

Thessaloniki's Port Authority, Tel.: 23010531505



The port of Naxos is in town and outside the port you will find a variety of services such as Taxis, Tourist Information Center, Accommodation and Travel Offices.  So, even if you have not booked your accommodation yet, don't worry as you should be able to find accommodation once you reach Naxos.


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