Restaurants in Naxos

Naxos Restaurants

There are lot of very nice restaurants in Naxos, offering a variety of cuisines such as Mexican, Thai, Indian, Italian and Greek.  Greek food in particular is well known for its good taste and its ability to satisfy even the most "demanding" stomachs.

There are also a lot of places where you can have the famous "souvlaki" as well as other types of tasty Greek food, such as Pastitsio, Mousaka, Dolmades, Greek Salad, Tzatziki, Taramosalata, and more.  Below is a list of some of the restaurants on the island.

To find the location a particular restaurant is in please refer to our Maps section.

Naxos' Mexican Restaurant - Plaka

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Name Location Tel. No. Other Info.
Taverna Vasillis Chora Naxos - Old Town 22850-23763  
The Old Inn Chora Naxos 22850 26093 German Cuisine
Oniro Chora Naxos 22850 23846 Roof Garden
The Good Heart Chora Naxos 22850 22537
Kavouri Agios Georgios - Chora Naxos 22850 23729
EastWest Agios Georgios - Chora Naxos 22850 24641 Asian Cuisine
Nikos Restaurant Chora Naxos 22850 23153  
Apolafsis Chora Naxos 22850 22178 Live Music
Venetico Chora Naxos 22850 67108
Flamingo Chora Naxos   Live Music
Platia Chora Naxos 22850 23575
Vision Chora Naxos 22850 25999
Poseidon Chora Naxos 22850 24165
Kavouri Chora Naxos 22850 23729
Elli Chora Naxos 22850 25476
Relax Chora Naxos 22850 24386
Melodia Chora Naxos 22850 26561
O Nikos Chora Naxos
Aegean Sea Chora Naxos 22850 25885 Live Music
Girasole Chora Naxos 22850 23326 Italian Cuisine
Irini's Chora Naxos 22850 26780
El Greco Chora Naxos 22850 26293
Picasso Court Square - Chora Naxos 22850 25408 Mexican Cuisine
Scirocco Court Square - Chora Naxos 22850 25931  


Taverna Amore Mio Plaka 22850 42634
Taverna 'O Giorgis' Melanes 22850-62180  
Paradiso Agia Anna 22850 42026
Gorgona Agia Anna 22850 42634
Avali Agios Prokopios 22850 22248
Faros Alyko 22850 75244
Pigi Ano Potamia 22850 32292
Apollon Apolonas 22850 67005
Akrogiali Apolonas 22850 67124
Kali Thea Mesi Potamia 22850 31920
Mikri Vigla Restaurant Mikri Vigla 22850 75214
Amore Mio Plaka Italian Cuisine
Antonis Vivlos / Tripodes 22850 41467


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