Cafe - Bars in Naxos


Given that Naxos is a very popular holiday destination and summer resort it is normal to expect to see a large number of Cafes and Bars on the island. 

A lot of them have a wonderful sea view and it is guaranteed that the environment will relax you and offer you unforgetable moments.  Below is a list of some of the Cafe-Bars on Naxos.

Cafe with sea view

Captain's Cafe

Paralia, Chora Naxos
Naxos 84300.


  • Breakfasts, Fresh Juices, Snacks
  • Coffee, Drinks, Beer, Draft Beer
  • Friendly and relaxing environment

Please quote 'Naxos-Greece.NET' when contacting anyone.

Name Location Tel. No. Other Info.
Ciao Cafe Chora Naxos 22850 23308  
Captain's Chora Naxos 22850 22820  
Med Bar Chora Naxos 22850 25544  
Jam Bar Chora Naxos 6942019426  
Mambo Agios Georgios - Chora Naxos    
La Plaza Agios Georgios - Chora Naxos 22850 26764  
Trata Agios Georgios - Chora Naxos 22850 24034  
Neiraida Bar (Live) Chora Naxos 0932 528259  
Klik Chora Naxos 22850 22393  
El Greco Chora Naxos 22850 26293  
Med Bar Chora Naxos 22850 25544  
Prime Chora Naxos 22850 23747  
Day Night Chora Naxos 22850 25059  
Veggera Dancing Bar Chora Naxos 22850 23567  
Escape Cafe Chora Naxos 22850 24702  
Karma Chora Naxos 22850 24885  
Scirocco Court Square - Chora Naxos 22850 25931  
Fragile Old Town - Chora Naxos 22850 25336  


Ostria  Agios Prokopios 22850 41894  
To Petrino Apiranthos 22850 61141  
Cappucino's Filoti 22850 31539  
Platanos Filoti 22850 31038  


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