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There are plenty of different shops in Naxos, ranging from Leather and Art to Fish and Pottery.  Naxos has a great variety of shops that satisfy wide range of tastes. Below is a list of a few of those shops.


Naxos Local Food and Products

Brasiliana, G.Maitos,

Chora Naxos, Naxos 84300.


  • Naxos' Local Products
  • Postal Deliveries abroad
  • Breakfasts, Sandwiches,etc
  • Kitro, Raki, Ouzo, Beers
  • Pies, Juices, Coffee, Yogurt, Honey, Gum


  Mobile Phones and Accessories


Papavasiliou Street,
Chora Naxos, Naxos 84300.


  • Mobile Phones
  • Supports customers of all Greek mobile networks
  • Cellphone Accessories and Greek SIM packs
  • Batteries, Internet Access packs


Please quote 'Naxos-Greece.NET' when contacting anyone.

Name Description Location Tel. No.
Triangle Camping/Trekking/Travelling equipment Chora Naxos 2285025470
Sofias Melathron Photo shop Chora Naxos 2285025933
Petalouda Art Gallery Art Gallery Chora Naxos 2285024782
Casablanca  (recommended) Clothes and Fashion Store Chora Naxos 2285022755
Brasiliana Local snacks and products Chora Naxos 2285023777
Midas Jewellery Chora Naxos 2285024852
Fraoulino Freshly made Greek sweets, cakes, etc Chora Naxos 2285022722
Elena Hand-made Ceramics, Office Supplies Chora Naxos 2285022685
Naxia Jewelleries, ceramics, gifts, clothes Chora Naxos 2285025639
Happy End Gift Shop Chora Naxos 2285026862
Marigo Hair Styling - Coiffure Chora Naxos 2285022941
Naxos Marine Boat Equipment and Service Chora Naxos 2285023121
PhotoRama Photo Development and products Chora Naxos 2285026040
Ninaki Baby Clothes and Accessories Chora Naxos 22850 26255
Melissinos Jewellery Chora Naxos 22850 24033
Promponas Local drinks, Kitro, sweets, etc Chora Naxos 22850 22258
Tsimplakis Local products, herbs, cheese, etc Chora Naxos 22850-22230
WaterMania SurfFashion Windsurf Accessories Chora Naxos 22850 24635
Bakery Bakery Chora Naxos 22850 22613
Flisvos Sport Club Windsurf Center Chora Naxos 22850 24308
Cine-Astra Cinema Chora Naxos 22850 25381
Melodia Music, CD Shop Chora Naxos 22850 24348
Clean Express Laundry Chora Naxos 22850 26129
CoOperative Union Local Agricultural Products Chora Naxos 22850 22883
Potikian Internet Café Chora Naxos 22850 23110
Trehantiri Fresh Fish Chora Naxos 22850 22022
Vallindras Distillery Local Drinks, Kitro, etc Chora Naxos 22850 22227
Naxos Dairy Products Traditional Dairy Products Chora Naxos 22850 26018
Nikiforos Souvenir Shop Chora Naxos 22850 22165
OTTER Tourist Center Souvenir Shop Chora Naxos 22850 22272
Pagonis Leather Leather Products Chora Naxos 22850 23666
Panagiotis Velonis Flower Shop Chora Naxos 22850 25303


Traditional Women's Art Association Art, Hand-made cloths and laces Apiranthos 22850-61436
L'Olivier Ceramic and Handicraft Workshop Chalki 22850 32829
Pottery Workshop Pottery Damalas 22850 32820
Go Cart Cart Racing Galanado 0977 238384
Weavers' Association of Komiaki Tradiotional Weaving Products Koronida / Komiaki 22850 52202
Maria Hamilothori Tradiotional Workshop and Handicraft Moni 22850 31840


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