Travel Offices


Once more, there are a number of travel offices around Naxos, and Chora Naxos in particular.  There you can find more information on ferry routes, bus tours, and travel offers.

Below are some of the Travel Offices you can find in Naxos: 

Please quote 'Naxos-Greece.NET' when contacting anyone.

Name Location Tel.  22850 & Other Info.
Cycladikon Chora Naxos 23830, 23840 fax. 22850 23329
Centrury Tours Chora Naxos 24654 fax. 22850 24884
Naxos Tours Chora Naxos 23043  
Naxos Travel Court Square - Chora Naxos 23965-7 fax. 22850 23968
Kamari Tours Chora Naxos  24512  
Zas Travel Chora Naxos  23330 , 23331 fax. 22850 23419
Cyclades Rentals Chora Naxos 29093  


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