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Everything in Chora Naxos is within walking distance. You can walk from one side of the town to the other within 30min, and as such you can go around on foot very easily.  However, that does not mean that it is not tiring to walk around. There is so much to see and so many things different from many other places in Europe, that you will often find yourself wondering around without heading directly for a specific place.

Below there is a list of some things and places that we feel you should try or see.  Enjoy.....


In Chora Naxos:

Portara, also known as Palatia - The Temple of god Apollo, god of sun and fun.Portara

This is the "trademark" of Naxos, if you will.  It has many names. Some of them are: Portara, Palatia,  Temple of Apollo, Church of Ariadne.  It's been there for thousands of years and still stands there, showing the glory of ancient Greece.


The Venetian Castle of Chora Naxos

Venetian Castle

The Venetian castle still remains one of the biggest "live" parts of the history of Naxos and Chora Naxos in particular.  There are still people living in the Castle area. One of the most well known families still living there is the one of Dellarokas.


Kouroi.  Atrifacts from the Ancient days of NaxosMuseum

The museum of Chora Naxos is at the heart of the Castle. It has a big number of artefacts from various periods of the history of Naxos.  You will be able to see samples of ancient local art and the influences coming from other civilizations.  In order to go to the museum, get into the old town of Chora and you will see little signs every now and then pointing you to the museum. Alternatively, just ask one of the locals there. 


The old Town and Market of Chora NaxosThe Old Town/Market

The old town of Chora Naxos hides a lot of the secrets of the old Naxos. The old style houses, the little shops, the small tavernas and old style bakeries show the beauty and friendliness of the old town and its people.  It is highly suggested that you go for a walk there.


Panagia Mirtidiotisa - A little church in the sea on a small island just at the port of Chora NaxosChurch of Panagia Mirtidiotisa

Just near the port, you will see a small church in the sea, isolated from the main town yet just a few meters away from land. 


The old Town and Market of Chora NaxosNaxos Eye

The famous Naxos' Eye is a special stone that can only been found on the island of Naxos.  Created by the combination of the Greek sea, sun and other climatic conditions Naxos Eye remains one of the trademarks of Naxos.  You can find it on jewels sold at jewellery shops on the island.  




Things to Try:   Souvlaki (food),  Kitro  (local alcoholic drink), Local Cheeses such as Mizithra, Graviera, etc.



In Villages, outside Chora Naxos:


Temple of Dimitra in the village of Saggri

Temple of Goddess Dimitra (village of Saggri)

An ancient temple of Goddess Dimitra was found and "refurbished" relatively recently. This is a site worth visiting.  However, bare in mind that it's not very easy to go there and that you will need either a car or a motorbike.


Bazeos TowerBazeos Tower

Built circa 1600, it served as a monastery. In the late 19th century it was purchased by the Bazeos (Baseggio) family. Nowadays it is regularly used for exhibitions and concerts from July to September.


One of the Towers in NaxosTowers:  (Himmaros Tower , Agia Tower, Glazos Tower, etc)

There are many towers on the island in places such as Chora Naxos, Halki, Galanado, Saggri, and areas near the village of Filoti and Melanes.



The 'Kouros' Statue, at the village of Apollonas

Kouros (in the villages of Melanes and Apollon)

"Kouros" is a statue of a man and is representative of the old Cycladic Art.  There are 2 huge Kouros  statues on the island.  One in Melanes, and the other (and biggest one) in the village of Apollon.




Naxos has a lot of VERY old churches, some of which are thousands years old.  If you are into this sort of thing, there is a lot for you to see on the island.


Beaches:  (see the Photo Gallery section for more pictures)

There are many wonderful beaches on Naxos.  Everywhere around the island you will find great spots for swimming, relaxing, wind-surfing, or anything else you can imagine.  It's plainly...wonderful!  Just explore....

Agios Prokopios beach

Agios Prokopios

Agia Anna beach

Agia Anna

Agios Georgios beach

Agios Georgios

  • Mikri Vigla
  • Amitis
  • Agiasos
  • Kastraki
  • Pirgaki
  • Apollon
  • ...and more...



General Tips:


The best way to explore Naxos is probably by motorbike if you intend to go mostly to beaches or areas near the sea,  or by car if you want to see the mainland, villages and mountains more. 

The scenery on Naxos can differ greatly.  Ask the locals for villages or places worth going.

There are some interesting caves (as well as emery extraction caves) and sources to visit on the mountains, near the village of Koronos.

The view from Naxos is marvellous. On clear sunny days you will be able to see other islands from there, such as Paros, Donousa, etc

If you are into windsurfing and you have chosen Naxos as your vacation spot you will find windsurfing facilities, rentals, etc. in Agios Georgios and Agia Anna.

If you love the outdoors, there are some Camping places on the island. For more information, click on 'Camping' in the menu.

Beware of the restaurants that say that serve Greek food. Often restaurants serve food that has been modified to accommodate the taste of tourists.  One thing however that is definitely Greek and you should try is Souvlaki!  (yum!)

Definitely try the local liqueur of Kitro, made out of citrus leaves. It comes in three different colours: white, green and orange.

Local buses connect the main villages and some beaches of the island. Check the bus schedules to plan your trip there.



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